Remedy AR System Server - Approval - How to test Approval Server is working fine or not. (Includes Video)

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    Remedy AR System Server


    Remedy AR System Server


    Remedy AR System Approval


    How to test BMC Remedy AR System Approval Server.  (Including Video)



    Legacy ID:KA408823


    Test using the available "AP-Sample2:Get Agreement" form using the following steps.


    1- Open "AP-Sample2:Get Agreement" form.

    2- By default the form opens in Search mode. Click the New Request button.

              User-added image

    3- Enter the following details:
               Submitter as : Demo
               Summary: Test
               Initial Approvers: Demo

              User-added image

    4- Save the record.

              User-added image

    4- Go to Quick Links > Approval Central form.

              User-added image

    5- Check the Test entry is listed.

              User-added image

         This will already give us an indication the Approval engine works since it has created the request.
         We can perform additional steps to be sure the whole process works as expected. To do so proceed to step 6 below.

    6- Approve the Test request.

              User-added image

    7- If everything goes as expected the request will show as approved.

              User-added image

    With the above steps we will be able to test and check the approval server is working.
    Note that the performed test above it is a very simple test to corroborate the Approval Server is doing what it is expected. There are no notification rules, additional approvers taking part of this test.
    More complex tests adding more criteria into it can be done if you feel it is required.

    For the test performed the find attached to this article part of the log showing the activity registered while creating and approving the Test request.



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