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    How can I download my new license?


    How can I upgrade my license?


    I upgraded my master to a major version and my license is expired.


    The license I'm downloading from the old BCM website is for a previous major version, how to I upgrade it?







    Note: the old Numara support website is deprecated. Licenses cannot be managed or obtained from there anymore.


    Licenses are now hosted on The same account as the one you use to connect to the support portal, documentation etc is required to connect to it.
    If you have not already done so, register with BMC Support Central (  to get your credentials.


    You might want to check the following knowledge base article first if you don't know how to find your serial number: KA 000135495.


    1- How to download your license:
    - Go to
    - Login with your regular BMC support login
    - Click on your BCM* license number to download it:


    User-added image


    2- Upgrade your license:
    Click the "Upgrade" hotlink that you might see next to your s/n. At the time of the writing of this KA, only s/n starting by "FPAC" are upgradable.

      3- If Your license is  not available  or   not up to date   on 
    To achieve the following you will need to get your PIN/your customer PIN in addition to the contract id. If you don't already know it, then please send an email to as the  BCM technical support team cannot address this kind of issue.  
      You probably need to add your support contract id or your end customer support contract ID to your profile on the license portal. 
    - log in to with your "non ADPROD" account, the one you probably use to access EDP, as an example (in my case it's a gmail account)  
    - go to this page:  
    - add the support id of the end customer. The field is called "End-User Support Contract"  
      User-added image 
    - Go back to and tadaaaaaaaaaa the license is there and you can download or upgrade it.  



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