Remedy - Server - How to enable the AR System Dispatcher log (All versions)

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    How to enable Arsystem dispatcher logging?




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      For AR System v8.1 or lower
    1- Add the following parameter in the ar.conf/ar.cfg file:
           Dispatch-Log-File: <full path>/dispatch.log
      2-Terminate the dispatcher process so that the armonitor process restarts it for logging to take effect.
             Linux/Unix - terminate the 'arsvcdsp' process.
             Windows - terminate the 'arsvcdsp.exe' process.

    For AR System v9 and higher
    This is done updating the Centtralized Configuration form. To do this check the steps below:

    1- Go to AR System Administration > AR System Administration Console

               User-added image

    2- Go to System > General > Centralized Configuration

               User-added image

    3- In the Component Name drop down menu select:
              com.bmc.arsys.server and select the ARS Server name populated.

               User-added image

    4- Perform the following:
             1- Press Add
             2- Enter the parameter Dispatch-Log-File and set the full path and log file name.
             3- Press Apply

              User-added image

    5- The following warning will display:
              Please restart the AR System Server for the changes to take effect (ARWARN 483)

              User-added image

    6- Restart AR System and the dispatcher log configured will be created or you can t
    erminate the dispatcher process so that the armonitor process restarts it for logging to take effect.  
              Linux/Unix - terminate the    'arsvcdsp' process.  
              Windows - terminate the    'arsvcdsp.exe' process.  












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