Smart IT - Where are the Ticket Console filters stored?

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    When users open the Smart IT Ticket Console in the UC client, there are two default preset filters that all users can access:-
      My Assigned Tickets
      My Groups' Assigned Tickets

    Users can create their own filters and save them as preset filters. However, these filters are specific to that user and are not visible by other users.

    Can I create default preset filters just like the 'My Assigned Tickets' filter so that all users will see them in the UC client?
    Where are the user specific preset filters stored in Smart IT?


    The default Ticket Console preset filters
    The "My Assigned Tickets" and "My Groups' Assigned Tickets" Ticket Console filters are hard-coded within the UC client. We can see these filters defined within the following Universal Client Javascript file (search for the word "myAllOpenTicketsFilter" to find the relevant section):-


    The equivalent code in the minified version (which is the client code downloaded to the browser when the user uses the /ux/smart-it URL) will be in:-


    NOTE: It is not recommended to modify the UC Javascript files as such changes will be lost when Smart IT is upgraded or a hotfix applied. BMC does not support making UC Javascript file customizations.

    The User-Defined Ticket Console preset filters
    The user-defined Ticket Console filters are stored in the SmartIT_Business.PREFERENCE_DETAILS table within the Smart IT SQL database.

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