Discovery: How to create a new swap partition for the Discovery appliance using tw_disk_utils, and how to remove an unused swap partition

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    BMC Discovery.


    BMC Discovery 11.2


    BMC Discovery


    Customer has a large disk allocated to Discovery that only contains a small swap partition. He wants to allocate a new, smaller disk for the swap partition, so he can return the large disk. How can this be done?


    In the following example, the large disk is /dev/sdb and the customer has allocated a new, smaller disk (/dev/sdd) for the swap partition.

    To create a 24gb swap partition on /dev/sdd, use the following command:

        tw_disk_utils --new-swap 24576:/dev/sdd

    1. The disk must be a "new disk" as seen in the Disk Configuration utility, i.e. it has not been formatted or partitioned.

    2. If the appliance is a member of a cluster, tideway services must be stopped. This should not be required on a standalone appliance.

    3. This command does not "move" the existing partition, it just creates a new swap partition.

    4. To add a swap file to an existing disk rather creating a swap partition on a new disk, see KA 000077945.
    To remove the old swap partition before returning the old disk:

    1. Run "swapon -s" to get the partition name of the original swap partition (i.e. /dev/sdb1).

    2. As root, execute the following command to disable the swap partition:
    swapoff /dev/sdb1

    3. Browse /etc/fstab to see the UUIDs of the existing swap partitions, for example:

    UUID=a48f504a-8520-4abb-9787-c60fd69850c7 swap  swap    defaults        0 0
    UUID=db116c8c-d900-4e9b-82ca-23d4895a6041 swap  swap    defaults        0 0

    4. Run the blkid command to determine which UUID corresponds to the old swap partition. For example:

    [tideway@myaddm ~]$ blkid -U db116c8c-d900-4e9b-82ca-23d4895a6041

    5. Remove the entry associated with this UUID from /etc/fstab.

    6. Reboot the appliance

    7. Run these commands and check the output to make sure everything is configured properly:
    df - h
    swapon -s

    If so, the /dev/sdb disk can be removed from the appliance.

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