Remedy - Server - How to request a Trial/Temporary License for AR System Server via Support Web

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System


    BMC Remedy AR System Server


    How to request a Trial/Temporary License for AR System Server via Support Web



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    The information/data required to be able to proceed with the procedure here described is:

    a) To have a valid BMC Support profile to be able to access to the BMC Support website.

    b) To be in possession of this information:
    The version of the AR Server for which the License is.

    Site Name (*) 
    This is not always required since it is in most of the cases attached to the Purchase Order and it will be populated automatically.

    Host ID.
    This is the Host Id listed in the ARSystem Server under the the Add/Remove Licenses form. Please be sure to have this number.
    The Host ID is the MAC Address the application takes from the Operating System.

    Follow the steps to determine Host ID of AR System 


    1. Open a terminal.


    2. At the prompt, enter ifconfig (For Linux) or ipconfig /all (For Windows).


    3. Record the Hardware Address. For example, the Hardware Address is HWaddr 00:50:56:AC:04:10.


    4. To use the server host ID to obtain your license key, remove all the colons from the value and convert uppercase letters to lowercase. In this example, the server host ID that BMC uses to license the AR System server is 005056ac0410.


    5. Use this information to generate your permanent or temporary license key.


    If you meet all the above requirements, please follow these steps:

    1- Using your BMC Support profile and credentials go to our Support Central website (Link) and select My Support > License and Passwords

              My Support menu

    2- Go down to the BMC Remedy License Keys section.

    3- Select the option: Request a Trial/Temporary License

              User-added image

    4- Check the BMC End User License Agreement document.

              User-added image

    At the very end there is a link: I agree . Select it to proceed further.

    5- Fill the relevant fields.

              User-added image

    (as mentioned at the beginning of this article)

              - What version is your AR Server?
              - Host ID

    Note: ARSystem versions 7.1 and higher require only an AR Server License. Additional User/Application Licenses are added in the application side in the Add/Remove Licenses and not License key is required.
    If the version of AR Server selected above is lower than 7.1 then you will have the option to select specific Licenses for each of the ITSM applications.

    Also, as mentioned in the website, a Trial/Temporary License has a duration of 30 days which after its expiration a Permanent License should be applied, specially if the AR Server belongs to a Production env.
    If you need to purchase a Permanent License or you are not sure if you have one, please check and contact your BMC Account Manager.

    6- Press Request License. A notification of the request will be displayed informing the e-mail address where is sent.
    The new License can take between 2-3 minutes up to 1 hour.

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