Remedy AR System Server - How to assign a specific Pool to an Escalation

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    Remedy AR System Server


    Remedy AR System Server


    BMC Remedy AR System Server 9.x


    How to assign a specific Pool to an Escalation.

    In certain situations a specific Pool may need to be assigned/added to an escalation for example if we see:

    - Escalation(s) not being fired.
    - Escalation(s) delays.

    For this we can assign or add a dedicated Escalation Pool to an Escalation or set of Escalations to have these objects run on a specific thread.



    NOTE: To add/modify an Escalation Pool requires to create an overlay for the Escalation, so this may be best performed outside business hours since it is an Admin change.

    The procedure is as follows.

    Open Developer Studio.
    1- Select the Escalations from the All Objects tree.

    2- Search The Escalation to be modified.

    3- Double Click the Escalation to open it.

              User-added image

    4- In the section Other Definitions > Execution Options we find the setting where a Pool Number can be set for the specific escalation.

              User-added image

    5- Since we will modify the current settings of the escalation, if we try to set a Pool number right away we will get the following message:

              User-added image

    Or if we try to change the Overlay Type from No Overlay to OverWrite :

              User-added image

    We will get the message:

              User-added image

    Which basically is telling us that the Escalation needs to be overlaid as we are doing some changes on it.
    The overlay will be created if press OK in both messages depending the scenario.

    The overlay can also be created by right click on the Escalation search results list and select Create Overlay :
              User-added image

    After the Overlay has been created the Customization Type for the Escalation will reflect being an Overlay (originally is set as unmodified).

              User-added image

    6- Once the Overlay is created we can change the Overlay Type and set a Pool Number:

              User-added image

    If exact times are needed for your escalations (example: exactly every five minutes), the Pool Number must be a number which is not used already if we want to have a specific Escalation(s) running on a dedicated Escalation Pool.
    Alternatively, if precision is not needed for your escalations (example: around/about every five minutes), you can also update a Pool Number to run Escalations using also the same Pool Number.

    It is possible to check which escalations are running on which Escalation Pool in Developer Studio. To check this and also to know how many Escalation Pools are configured please check the article bellow:
    Remedy - Server - How to check the number of Escalation Pools configured in AR System

    So, if a dedicated Escalation Pool is being added for an Escalation, this way we can check the Escalation Pool is not already defined and have other Escalations assigned to it to avoid possible conflicts having escalations running on the same Pool.

    7- Save the Escalation.

    8- We need also ensure the Escalation Threads in AR System are configured correctly.
    To have a dedicated thread for each Escalation Pool we need to have the Escalation Queue threads set with same amount of existing number of Escalation Pools.
    For example, if we have 7 Escalation Pools in total, then set the number of Escalation threads also to 7.

    To do this follow these steps:

    In the AR System Home Page go to System > General > Server Information

              User-added image 

    In the Ports and Queues tab locate the Escalation queue (390603).

              User-added image

    As commented earlier, set the amount of threads to be equal as the number of existing Escalation Pools.
    Set the minimum and maximal threads with the same value.

    As per the example above, if we have 7 Escalation Pools we set the Escalation Thread count in the Escalation Queue with the value 7 for the min. and max. settings.

    Apply these changes and press Ok.


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