MVDB2/DC Admin/Archive hyperlink inactive

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    MainView for DB2


    MainView for DB2 Management


    How to enable the MVDB2/DC Admin/Archive hyperlink?

    05MAY2017  15:29:44 ------ MAINVIEW WINDOW INTERFACE (V6.1.00) ----------------
    COMMAND  ===>                                                 SCROLL ===> CSR  
    CURR WIN ===> 1        ALT WIN ===>                                            
     W1 =EZDB2=============DB2A=====*========05MAY2017==15:29:44====MVDB2====D====1
                                     DB2 Easy Menu                                 
        DB2 Status                                          Thread Activity        
      . DB2 Status Summary      +----------------------+  . Current Threads (Elap) 
      . DB2 Health Dashboard    |   Place cursor on    |  > Active Thread Menu     
      . Current Exceptions      |    menu item and     |  . Thrd Workload History  
      . Activity Rates          |     press ENTER      |  . Current Traces         
      > Stats Menu              +----------------------+  . Graphic THRDHIST       
        System Resources          Monitors                . Summary by Accelerator 
      > Locking Menu            . In Warning                Component Features     
      . Buffer Pools            . Active / Admin          > DB2 Event Traces       
      . EDM Pool                . Summary By Area         . DB2 IFCID Traces       
      . Dynamic SQL Cache       . Workload Objectives     . MVDB2/DC Admin/Archive 
      > Static SQL Cache          DB2 System              . CATALOG MANAGER Local  
      . RID Pool                > ZPARM Menu              . CATALOG MANAGER-Remote 
      . Logging                 > DB2 Topic Index         . Pool Advisor           
      > DDF Menu                > FullScreen Menu           Tools And Menus        
      . Page Set Status         . DB2 Storage Use         . Set Target Context     
      . Volume I/O Summary      . IRLM Storage Use(V11+)  > SSI Easy Menu          
      > Page Set Menu           . Journal Log             > DBA Easy Menu          
      > Tuning Wizards                                    > MAIN Menu              
                                                          . BBI-SS PAS Info        
                                                          . BBI-SS Parm Info       
                                                          . Return...              
                                                          > What's New             


    The MVDB2/DC Admin/Archive hyperlink is enabled when the context is set to a DB2 monitored by the Data Collector.

    1. The DBC started task should be active and the Data Collector (DOM agent) initialized in the DBC. Issue console command /dcssid STATUS command to check the status of the Data Collector.
    3. Set MVDB2 CONTEXT to a local target DB2 subsystem. Issue CON db2target. CONTEXT ALL includes all the DB2 targets.     
      1. The DB2 should be monitored by the Data Collector. Issue console command /dcssid STATUS command. BMC24951 is issued for each DB2 defined in the DOMPLEX optionset.
      3. The ENABLE WITH MVDB2/DC should be set to Y in the DOMPLEX optionset. Issue console command /dcssid IFCIDS db2ssid to display the IFCIDS collected for the DB2.
      User-added image
    1. ENVRN view (page down to 2nd page) shows the CDC name for the DB2 context. The CDC= parameter in the BBPARM DMRBEX00 member specifies the DBC ssid that this PAS connects to. You can access this member by using the PASPARM view.
    3. If the Data collector is not active, use clist DOMCLIST or LGC$ISPF to access the MVDB2/DC administrations panels.


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