Join the TrueSight Capacity Optimization v11.0 BETA Program!!! (Closed)

Version 3

    **Please note that we are at maximum capacity for this program and no longer accepting new participants.**

    We thank you for your interest and please keep posted for upcoming beta program opportunities!


    “Announcing TrueSight Capacity Optimization v11.0 Beta Program!"


    We are pleased to announce a major milestone in Capacity Optimization in the upcoming release of version 11.0.

    We are really proud of what we have achieved and we’d love to get your feedback!


    Please read these instructions carefully if you are interested in this Beta Program!



    What's in this Beta Program:

    The BETA Program for TrueSight Capacity Optimization 11.0 will focus on the following major themes:

    • Cloud Cost Planner – Get full visibility into current and projected costs of your on-prem and public clouds resources in less than 3 minutes. Find out how much it will cost to run your favorite applications in public cloud.Quickly identify high expense VMs across public and private clouds.


    • Custom Views in TrueSight Console –  Do you wish custom views were easier to build? We think we hit the mark. Experience 6 new templates that we’ll transform you into a super-views builder in no time.


    • Investigate in TrueSight Console – Let’s finally give the highly useful Investigate tool the facelift it deserves. Enjoy all the flexibility and sleekness of Investigate on the TrueSight Console.


    Why Participating in this Beta Program

    Don’t miss the opportunity to be among the few customers who have the power to impact the product used by thousands including yourself. Be the capacity hero by experiencing the latest and greatest capabilities before they are available to everyone.

    Your feedback is important and our engineers are eager to hear from you! 


    How to sign up:

    In order to be considered for our Beta Program, you must:

    • Have an active BMC Support ID

    • Complete the survey "Join TrueSight Capacity Optimization 11.0 Beta Program!" to start

    • Be willing Customer Connect Reference upon successfully completing the program.



    Access to the Beta Program requires just one click and individual experiences are designed to take under 15 minutes!

    The Beta Program has been designed to minimize your efforts and treating your time with respect. We offer a cloud-based Beta environment which eliminates any setup time and quickly dives into the experience of the selected capabilities.


    Feedback from previous Beta Programs

    • “The beta program helped us understand the new features and how they could be used in a production environment”
    • “We could participate because of the option to access your demo env; this program gave us the ability to see what direction the product is headed in and if it would help address some of the needs we have today”



    If you have questions, email or contact


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