How To: Make and Manage Announcements

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    What are Announcements?

    Announcements can be an effective way to get people's attention. Announcements can highlight new content, events, or quick updates. Owners of a place (project, group, or space) have access to create an announcement. When an announcement is created, a notification will appear in the community inbox of users who are following that place, and a banner on the homepage of the place will appear. If a user has email notifications turned on, they will additionally receive an email notification including the announcement.


    How to Create an Announcement

    Please note that only owners of a place can create an announcement

    1. Navigate to the homepage of the place where you want the announcement to appear. This can be a project, group, or space of a place that you own and have admin permissions to.
    2. Click Manage > in the dropdown menu, select Announcements.
    3. Click Add a new announcement.
    4. Enter the details of your announcement.
      • Announce a link to direct users to a specific place, piece of content, or event.
      • Add a captivating title. Keep it short and concise, but something that let's users know immediately what your announcement is about.
      • You have the option to include an image. If an image is added, make sure it relates to the topic of your announcement.
      • Add a description, but be sure to keep it brief! Hyperlink to a specific place, piece of content, or event that you want users to navigate to.
      • Decide how long the announcement should be displayed by selecting a start and end date. Announcements start at 12:00 (AM) on the start date and expire at 23:59 on the end date, in the announcement creator's time zone.
      • If you do want notifications (Inbox and email) sent when you create an announcement, be sure to check the Send Inbox notifications box (checked by default).
    5. Click Save for your announcement to go live.


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    Announcements Tips and Tricks!


    Tip #1
    Tip #2
    Tip #3

    Add an actionable link


    Within the description section of your announcement, be sure to @mention or hyperlink to the place, content, or event you want users to navigate to. This is particularly important to do for users who receive email notifications. This will provide them with an actionable link.

    Create one announcement per month!


    The purpose of your place is to create content, foster engagement, and prompt collaboration. By using announcements, you can help drive users to important information and hot topics.

    Set Up Email Notifications


    Help users turn on email notifications and follow the places that matter most. This will help them get notified right away when an announcement goes live.


    It is highly recommended to post an announcements at least 24 hours or more after your initial content has gone live (rarely just after you post)