FAQs on Public Knowledge Articles on Communities

Version 27
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    Q: Why are public Knowledge Articles now on BMC Communities?

    A:  To make our public solutions available in Google searches and to BMC Communities users. See announcement here: Expanded Knowledge Availability


    Q: Are all Knowledge Articles available on BMC Communities and in Google searches?

    A: No, only public Knowledge Articles.  These are the same articles that are available in Search BMC Support without logging in. There are additional knowledge articles that are only available after logging in to www.bmc.com/support and using Search BMC Support.


    Q: Which articles are not Public?

    A: Knowledge Articles may be restricted to authenticated customers because they have more sensitive information, for example, about a vulnerability or hotfix. The majority of articles available to customers are also available to public but to see all the articles access Search BMC Support and login before searching.


    Q: Do the communities documents include all the details of the Knowledge Article – such as file attachments, screenshots, embedded images?

    A: Yes, if you can see the article, it contains the same detail as the Knowledge Article on our Support site.


    Q: Can I download the files attached to the Knowledge Articles on Communities?

    A: Yes.  When you click the file attachment the first time it will refresh the page, and when you click the file on that refreshed page, it will download the file.


    Knowledge Tab on Communities


    Q: What is displayed on Recent Activity on Knowledge Articles?

    A: The 25 most recently updated documents.  Since the documents are read-only and updated when changes are made in the BMC Knowledge Base, the page will list the most recently published or updated public knowledge articles.


    Q: What are Featured Knowledge Articles?

    A: This section lists popular Knowledge Articles.  The initial list is articles frequently used by Customer Support, but we will look for crowd-sourcing opportunities to update the list after go-live with frequently-LIKE'd knowledge articles or highly-rated knowledge articles.

    Q: What is displayed when I use Browse by Categories?

    A: Knowledge Articles on Communities tagged with these categories.  This may be useful if you want to browse a particular topic area.  Knowledge articles may use multiple categories or no category at all, so this is not an exhaustive list of articles.


    Comments and Workflow


    Q:  How can I access articles that are only available to authenticated customers?

    A:  Access  Search BMC Support , login, enter search terms and click Search.


    Q: Why can’t I add comments to knowledge documents in some communities? How can customers give feedback?

    A: Comments on Knowledge Articles are currently allowed in most Product communities:

    If you want to comment on an article but are unable to do so, please provide feedback in a Support case so we can better understand how to improve the article.


    Q: How are comments on knowledge articles used?

    A:  Comments on knowledge articles allows users to collaborate on the content, and Customer Support periodically reviews the comments to see if updates we can improve the knowledge articles to be more comprehensive.


    Q: How are knowledge documents updated when the knowledge article changes?

    A:  When the knowledge article is updated, the document on Communities is updated within a few minutes.  The document on communities displays the document version and date that it was last modified.  The document can only be modified by changes to the knowledge article.


    Q: What happens to the document on Communities if the article is archived or no longer public?

    A; The document on Communities is removed. Read more on Why are some knowledge articles disappearing from BMC Communities?



    How do I ... ?


    Q: How can I view community discussions and exclude knowledge articles?

    A: Append  NOT "knowledge article" to your search terms.  This works when searching in Search BMC Support or when searching on BMC Communities.


    Q: How do I view recent or updated public knowledge articles?

    A: Access the Knowledge tab on the community, which lists Recent activity on Knowledge Articles.  The ones at the top are the most recent.


    Q: How do I bookmark articles if I want to come back to them to view later?

    A: Make sure you are logged into BMC Communities.  View the knowledge article document.  Click the bookmark button on the top right.


    Q: How can I subscribe to receive notification when a knowledge article is updated?

    A: Login to BMC Communities, view the Knowledge Article document on BMC Communities, and click on the Follow button on the top right and pick Inbox.  The document is automatically updated when the knowledge article in the BMC Knowledge Base is updated, so the document on BMC Communities will be updated and you will receive the notification.


    Q: What does the "More like this" list display when viewing a public Knowledge Article on BMC Communities?

    A:  This community feature lists other community content on similar topics, which may or may now be Knowledge Articles.


    Q: What should I do if I want to follow a product community in my Communities Inbox (to receive all notifications), but I get too many email notifications about Knowledge Articles?

    A: Set up an email filter in your email client to either delete or move the email to a different folder to review later. Use triggers based on the unique name used to update the documents on Communities – Knowledge Admin – or the sentence in the body of the email: This document contains official content from the BMC Software Knowledge Base.