Calling a custom approval process from MyIT Service Broker

Version 4

    MyIT Service Broker 3.3 released with documentation for inserting approval workflows into fulfillment processes. This documentation included examples of the call to a packaged manager approval process as well as the means to call an approval process workflow that you design.

    Note: MyIT Service Broker is now called the BMC Digital Workplace Catalog that enables the enhanced catalog for the BMC Digital Workplace (previously MyIT).

    Current documentation pages:

    While the documentation shows how to call the approval process, Sam Wood saw a need for an example of how to create the custom approval process in the first place. The following is a document that Sam submitted for consideration by the MyIT community.


    Thanks Sam!




    Creating a custom approval flow for MyIT Service Broker

    This example is for any approval group that does not match support groups or managers. In this example, the approval was developed to meet a requirement for a DSO (Designated Signing Officer) approver based on the department. In the People form on the General Tab, admins can assign the Company, Organization, and Department. You can duplicate the same approval flow to utilize any of these levels.


    Step 1 – Create a new List form in to hold the list of approvers

    Use Remedy Developer Studio to create the new form. For example: DSO_List.

    Note: Make sure to add the required permissions to the fields and form. This example uses general and public with update permissions.



    Step 2 – Create a Join form between your new form and the people form

    The qualification in this example.



    Step 3 – Create a record to map the approver

    Log into Remedy Mid Tier and browse to your new List form. Create a record to map an approver.

    Note: The approver name should be their Remedy Login ID.



    Step 4 – Validate the Join table

    Open your join table and validate by searching for a user record that matches the department. You will then return a record for all approvers that have been assigned to that department.



    Step 5 – Create the approval rules in Approval Server

    From the Applications slide out, go to Quick Links > Approval Administration Console.

    1. Create a new process, or copy an existing process.
      (I copied the SB Request Manager Approval.)
    2. Link the new process to the SB:ServiceRequestStub form.
    3. Create new rules.
      (I copied the settings for SB Request Manager Approval.)
    4. In the Rule for “Get Next Approver”, point to your custom join with a qualification to pull in the Login ID of the requestor and match the Login ID in the join form.


    Step 6 – Create the workflow to request approval

    Log into MyIT Service Broker and follow the BMC instructions to create an approval and call your custom approval flow: