Creating a Table of Contents

Version 12
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    Creating a Table of Contents (TOC) allows you to quickly navigate through a Document or Blog by selecting a hyperlink to the relevant topic.  The first step in creating a TOC is to decide on the topics and choose your Style Headers.


    Adding Header 1


    If you choose "Header 1" this will create a "parent" hyperlink when inserting a TOC



    Adding Header 2


    If you choose "Header 2" this will create a child-hyperlink when inserting a TOC



    Inserting a Table of Contents


    Finally, to view our table of contents we navigate to the toolbar, select the over the insert button and choose "Table of Contents"



    Driving User Traffic to a specific paragraph


    If you would like to drive traffic to a specific header simply use the URL which has been generated to this section. For example Adding Header 1