Digital Innovator Tech Videocast - Episode 2 "Create a Project - Becoming a Maven Maven"

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    Episode 2 "Create a Project - Becoming a Maven Maven"

    How to I get started with Innovation Studio?

    • Assuming your environment is set up, you will need to know your instance IP address, RPC port number, and credentials.
    • Are you building a library (that will be used by other projects but not have its own home page) or an application?
    • Use the Maven archetype to generate your project.
    • Update your POM file. Build and deploy!




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    Hosted by: May Bakken

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    Featuring: Jimmy Wu Lead Product Developer

    Jimmy is one of the Lead Product Developer who works on the server and client side of Innovation Suite. In this episode, Jimmy will show you how to get started with Innovation Studio and more.


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