Welcome to Remedyforce!

Version 7
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    You’ve made your decision to implement Remedyforce for your ITSM needs so, now what?


    Here in the Success Team we want to make your introduction to Remedyforce as easy as possible so below you’ll find recommended steps to get up and running as quickly as possible.





    01: Get familiar with BMC websites


    Corporate web siteLearn about BMC, our products, solutions, and services
    Support CentralSearch for answers, manage your cases, access training and more
    DocumentationTechnical information about configuring and using Remedyforce
    Training & CertificationProduct training and certification programs
    CommunitiesCollaborate with peers, submit Ideas, join the Early Access Program and more

    02: Get access to BMC resources


    Create a BMC account and register on Support Central

    You'll need your Support Contract ID and PIN to create an account and register for Support Central.  Instructions on how to do this can be found at the Getting Started with Support Central page. You only need to register the first time you access Support Central and each of your administrators can have their own login. Make sure you tick the boxes for access to BMC Support, Academy and BMC Communities so that you can take advantage of single sign-on, before accepting the T&C's.


    Make yourself familiar with Support Central by browsing the Getting Started pages, especially the Submit and Track Support Cases, Customer Support Policies and Support Service Levels for the Remedyforce Service Desk.


    Ensure your Remedyforce licenses are fully provisioned

    Before kicking off your Remedyforce implementation, you should make sure that paid licenses have been provisioned in your Production org. Login to Remedyforce and navigate to Setup > Installed packagesBMC Remedyforce should have a status of Active. If that isn't the case, please contact RemedyforceSuccess@bmc.com or your Business Relationship Manager to help you resolve the issue.  You'll need to provide the Org ID which can be obtained by navigating to Setup > Company Profile > Company Information and locating Salesforce.com Organisation ID on the right hand side of the page.


    Making the most of BMC Communities

    BMC Communities is the place to go if you want to collaborate with other Remedyforce users, access our Getting Started blogs, submit or vote on Ideas or join our new release Early Access Program.  Remedyforce users are an active group of people and no question sits around unanswered for long!


    You can access Communities directly or via Support Central and you can learn how to make the most of Communities here.  While you can access much of the information available to you without logging in, you can only follow, share and participate in the community if you login.  Make sure to access the Remedyforce pages for blogs, featured content, and hotlinks, especially the series of Getting Started blogs. If you're self-implementing, you'll certainly want to check out the one about preparing for a successful implementation.

    03: Make the most of the documentation


    Take a tour of the documentation site

    The BMC documentation website is part of Support Central and as such, you can search and find documentation without logging in but if you want to add comments or watch a page in order to get email notifications of changes, then you need to be logged in.


    Placing a watch on the Release Schedule page of the current Remedyforce release is essential in order to be notified of the self upgrade window and the timing of automatic upgrades of Sandbox and Production orgs.


    Blogs and documents

    Blogs are an important part of the Communities.  These are written by the Success team, R&D and experts in our community on such diverse subjects as Salesforce Technical Updates, release overviews, best practices, and tips & tricks.


    In-app access to documentation

    Throughout the Remedyforce application you'll find context-sensitive help by clicking on the orange or blue ?, typically to be found at the top right of the page.  Selecting the ? will open the release documentation at the correct page.


    For platform (force.com) documentation, select the Help & Training link at the top of the page next to the Application drop-down or click here.

    04: Get trained


    Explore the Remedyforce training options

    We provide both web-based training and instructor-led training for Remedyforce administrators. In addition, web-based training is available for Staff, Change Managers and end-users. Check out and launch the right courses for you here. A login is required for all users.


    Instructor-led training is available for administrators in the form of a guided virtual class Remedyforce: Administering Essentials Workshop. These are 3-day courses that are scheduled regularly and you can either contact an Education Adviser or register for a class here.


    Remedyforce Certification is also available through a proctored online assessment and a practical exam.


    Platform (force.com) training

    If you're new to the force.com platform, training is available in a variety of formats. Trailhead is a fun, modular way of learning the basics about the force.com platform and keeping up-to-date on each new Salesforce release while Administration Essentials and Building Applications with force.com are both instructor-led courses if you want to take your knowledge to the next level.


    You may also want to check out the Salesforce Success Community to learn more and collaborate with other Salesforce users. Use your Remedyforce user credentials to login.

    05: Find solutions and join the conversation


    Subscribe to BMC's YouTube channels: BMCtv, "How to" videos, Product docs

    You can access BMC solution videos without logging into YouTube but if you want to be updated when there are new or amended videos then subscribing is a useful tool.


    Take part in an Exchange event near you!

    BMC has a program of events each year to help customers network with each other and with BMC.  Why not come along?


    Invest in BMC Communities

    Don't just be a bystander!  The more you collaborate in Communities, the more you'll get out of it. Update your profile so that other users know who you are, earn points and badges for all your contributions, and follow the experts - they're not all BMC'ers!  We updated Communities last year to make it even better so take a look.


    If you need assistance with any of the above please reach out to RemedyforceSuccess@bmc.com or your Business Relationship Manager.


    More orientation checklists for other products can be found in the BMC customer orientation checklist