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Version 2
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    If you interact on Developer Community or Using BMC Communities, you saw changes on these communities (landing pages and more) these past weeks.


    The fundamental change was the Recent Activity widget (or "tile" as we name it these days) appearing on the landing page:

    • In the past, on a monitor with decent resolution, you could see 3 discussions max (and the last comment for each), forcing your to scroll down to see the rest
    • now, on this same monitor, a summarized view displays 12 discussions, and actionable tips to see if you should engage.

    In other words, for what you see on 1 screen now, you used to have to scroll down 4 pages




    Actionable view: Summary and details


    Let's describe what changed: (using numbers from the screenshot above)

    1. On this discussion created 16 hours ago, I can easily see that Brice-Emmanuel Loiseaux and Duncan Grisby commented already
      1. I'm confident that Anthony Abate will soon have a solution
      2. TIP: Learn from product experts by following them
    2. As we can seen with the green "check" icon on the left, this discussion is already answered, great, knowledge is spreading, thanks Andrew Waters!
    3. Ohhh, this content doesn't have any comment yet, we all can comment and make progress with Juan Jose Algar Ortega. And since it's an idea, I can see that several people voted up  (thanks Stefan Hall and Marc Lefebvre), but I did not yet, hence the "Vote now" text appearing for me
    4. The Oracle RDBMS discussion is answered already, great! But the avatars use the default visual, so hard to spot who interacted. Yahub Zeinalov, Jonathan Rademacher, would you mind completing your profile, with pictures/avatar and more? (see Tell us more about you and full Learn how to best use BMC Communities by Shadab Ashraf)
    5. Very interesting idea from Doug Connell, have you engaged? (and thanks michael bochner for your recent comment - Go APAC )


    I did not comment everything, but on the above screenshot, we all can see many other activities showcasing a healthy and active Community, for example:


    "A community exists when Members care, and help each other"

    That's what I enjoy to see on BMC Communities, especially on this very Discovery community (congrats all)


    Next Steps:

    • us: this Recent Activity tile is going to be rolled out globally on BMC Communities, on Product communities, during the next weeks. We should be done mid/end-March.
    • you: what do you think about this new User Experience? (pls comment below)
      • Any benefit I forgot to stress?
      • Issue we did not ID yet?