Support Group Visibility Control on Incident Module

Version 1

    Support groups play a key role for the application teams to see and perform the group duty in order to keep the application up and running.


    We've out-of-the-box features available in BMC Remedy to create and manage support groups primarily from CTM:Support Group form. We've experienced that business process would demand to control the visibility of support groups on Incident module in such a way where support groups created for change approval purposes or knowledge reviews should not be present on Incident form. Since these support groups are not meant for resolving tickets, service desk or control center groups end up assigning tickets in these support groups which in turn is not attended and increases the overall resolution time.


    There are many ideas thrown in community too to control the support group visibility based on module. We don't see much challenge on Change or work order module since groups are visible under these modules only if due roles are defined. But for Incident module there's no such mechanism. Once support group is enabled it's displayed as Incident resolver group.


    We've designed a quick mechanism to control the visibility. It's effort less considering the very less no. of custom objects developed.


    STEP 1- Create a new selection field ‘Incident Resolver Group’ on the form CTM:Support Group(Default value as 'Yes').

    STEP 2- Create a custom menu CUSTOM:CTM:SGP:SupportGroup3-Q_VUI=SDView copying the definitions of OTB menu CTM:SGP:SupportGroup3-Q_VUI=SDView. Just change the qualification in custom menu so that 3-tier menu is displayed on incident form only when it's enabled and marked as incident resolver group. Do not overlay OTB menu because it's used to display all the support groups in back-end forms that an administrator would need, this is restricted only for business users/ incident resolver teams on incident form.

    STEP 3- Create the overlay of active link HPD:INC:AssignedGroup_RefreshMenu_100_OnOpen that displays 3-tier support group menu on HPD:Help Desk and tag the new custom menu in change field that was created above to replace OTB one.


    STEP 4- Perform a one time activity on CTM:Support Group form to mark the 'Incident Resolver Group' field as Yes, only for those groups which would work as resolver group.


    This business functionality you would like to have in your environment. It would surely help to prevent the tickets being miss routed in an orphan support group which has no takers.



    Yashwant Singh