How To: Manage Email Notifications

Version 9
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    Getting too many emails from BMC Communities? Not getting enough email notifications and now you are missing key updates?

    Fixing this by creating a rule in email inbox to filter mails is not the solution. Learn here how to fix the problem at the root cause.


    Why am I receiving too many emails?

    Before we start, the two major solutions to stop receiving too many emails are:

    1. You are following too many items in your Communities Inbox. Learn about How To: Manage Inbox Notifications and how to fix it.
    2. Create a Community Digest - Receive your  daily/weekly BMC Communities summary right in your email inbox.


    Customize your email notifications settings

    Did you know that you can set your preferences for email notifications on any of your streams, including your community Inbox?Hint: You must be logged in to BMC Communities to update your settings.
    Go to your Preferences page on your profile
    • Under your avatar (top right corner of the screen), select Preferences
    • Turn on "receive email" at the very top of the list - as shown below (this means you will get an email in your company's email system).
    • Next, select "Inbox - Everything in my Inbox page, except direct social actions" as shown below.
    • Next, select "Inbox - Direct social interactions" as shown below.
    • If you are concerned with receiving too many emails from BMC Communities, be sure to select NO for every other option.
    • Select Save at the bottom of the screen (or your changes will not be saved).

    Caution: When you turn ON email notifications for a stream or your Inbox, you will get an email every time that stream or Inbox is updated. This can get overwhelming quickly so it is recommended to set email notifications to OFF whenever possible except for your Inbox.

    Note: It's especially important to select On for the "Inbox (@mentions...)" line item or you might miss direct interactions unless you are checking BMC Communities every day.


    How to create a Community Digest

    Community digest is your dose of updates on what's going on in your favorite community and more. On the same page (general preferences), find Community Digest and select the frequency of receiving them in your email inbox, you can select from following options:

    • Once-a-week summary
    • Twice-a-week summary
    • Everyday summary
    • Never


    How to Unsubscribe

    If you are a savvy BMC Communities user who checks his/her Communities Inbox regularly, you can also fully opt out of receiving any emails from BMC Communities.

    To turn off all email notification or to "unsubscribe," you must have selected NO to all of the Notification Settings in your profile and saved them to your profile.

    TIP: I'd still say yes to leaving email on for @mentions for two reasons:
    a) Reminds you to visit BMC Communities for more updates.
    b) Allows you to reply via email (say in a meeting or on the go and don't have time to pop into BMC Communities).