How To: Manage Inbox Notifications

Version 6
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    Does your Communities Inbox look something like this?

    Learn to manage your inbox in such a way that you are getting the important information you need but not getting an extreme amount of information (which can lead to overload).

    What is Communities Inbox

    The Communities Inbox is where all of the activity you’re participating in resides. In addition to that it also shows direct social actions (shares, @mentions and messages) as well as some action notifications like when someone follows you on BMC Communities. Selecting an item in the list will populate the content in the bottom view. This interface is fully interactive in that you can share, reply and navigate to the content.


    Using Communities Inbox

    Here's an overview of major functionalities of your Communities :

    • Who reached out to me? - Filter your inbox with @mentions/messages.

    • Getting too many inbox notifications? - To stop following the activity of an item, select it and then click the link Hide new activity in the top right corner of the reading view.
    • Returning to BMC Communities account after a long time - See 50+ (outdated) notifications? Use the 'mark all read' feature to clear the Communities Inbox.


    Managing Your Communities Inbox Right


    • Check your notifications regularly. Stay updated with BMC Communities by checking your inbox regularly. You can also do it now on-the-go with BMC Communities fully responsive web design. Just like you would manage your Inbox for Twitter, Fb or Linkedin.
    • Follow only key people in your Inbox. Only follow key community members based on your business needs in your Inbox, in general it's best to keep the list short. You can follow a person by clicking on their profile in the community and selecting the Follow button. It is strongly advised to follow other community members in 'connection streams' instead.
    • Follow important places in your connection streams. To stay up to date, follow your key product community and Using Communities, for enablement tips for BMC Communities in your connection streams.
    • Mark as read/unread. Often times we read a message that we need to get back to later. Mark those as Unread so that it remains active in Communities Inbox. Same goes for items that you know you don't care about. Click on the item and mark it as read then move on with your day!