You can Customize a Label in Self Service

Version 2


    Salesforce allows you to change some of the labels found in the Remedyforce product. In the above image, the default label of ‘Categories’ was re-labelled to ‘I want to…’ as it fits better with the design that was chosen in this environment.

    In order to accomplish this, here are the steps.

    1. You need to ensure that your Translation Workbench is enabled. Although we are not using the Translation Workbench to import any new languages, we need to have it enabled in order to ‘override’ the default labels that are used.
      Navigate to: Setup > Administer > Translation Workbench > Translation Settings.
      (Note: Read the warnings before enabling)

    2. Now that your Translation Workbench is enabled, you can now edit the label.
      Navigate to: Setup > Build > Create > Custom Labels
      The above image was done by editing the label called ‘Categories’. Once you find this label, click on the ‘Categories’ name.
      •   Scroll down to the ‘Local Translation / Overrides’ section and click on the ‘New Local Translation / Overrides’ button.

      • Select your language and enter the text you want to use to replace the default label

      • Save

    Now when you return to Self Service, you will see your new Label.