Events Creation Best Practices

Version 13
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    The Event content type enables users to create events within the community that other users can RSVP to attend. These events, while local to Jive, have the option to download a .ICS file that will enable users to drop the event on to more common calendar programs.


    How to Create an Event

    1. For example, from the Developer Community space, click the Actions button > select Event.
    2. Enter the title of your event. The title should allow users to easily understand what the event is about (i.e. podcast, hackathon, etc.).
    3. Add a description to your event to provide possible attendees with more details.
      • Set expectations about meeting goal, agenda and @mention the speakers
      • If there is a dial-in or weblink associated with your meeting, please include it within the description section of the event (see sample screenshot below)
      • Remind users to Add to calendar
      • Foster people comment, with something like "Please comment with topics you'd like to see covered" for example
        Sample Event.png
    4. When inserting a start and end date / time for your event, pay special attention to time zone.
    5. Choose the correct event visibility and attendance policy. (most will be Open, some will be Private)
    Event TypeDescriptionExamples

    Any user who can see the event will be able to RSVP to the event


    Important: the Event inherits the permissions of the community/group it is posted in, so if the event is posted in a private group, only members of this private group will be able to see it

    • Webinar
    • Weekly Beta call
    • Podcast
    • Training session
    ClosedAny user who can see the event will see it, but only invited members can RSVP or see the event details. It will tease people about it, but only a couple of them will have the opportunity to see details and join.
    • Party / Event
    PrivateOnly users who are invited to the event can view and RSVP
    • By-invite webinar
    • Invite-only hackathon
    • Sneak-peak preview event


    How to Add to your Calendar (for each person to attend, and block Outlook's cal)

    Why is it important? People respect their Outlook/Google calendar, if it is not blocked for an online or IRL meeting, people rarely attend

    Users have the ability to add a community event to their online calendar. Adding an event to your calendar provides helpful reminders of when events occur and event details.

    1. Navigate to the event you are attending
    2. On the right hand side of the event under the Actions menu > select Add to calendar
      Add to calendar.png
    3. Clicking the link will initiate the download of an iCalendar file with the name of <event name>.ics.
    4. Depending on your primary method of email, you will have the ability to implement onto your calendar.


    Invite Others

    First bet on your champions

    Inviting users to attend an event will send them a direct inbox notification. Reasons you may want to send an invite include:

    1. If there are specific users who you want to attend, this will help bring immediate awareness about the event to their attention.
    2. If you want other users to help "spread the word", you can send out a few initial invites, and then others can additionally send out invites.
    3. You can keep track and manage who has been invited and sent an invitation, but has not yet responded (or who has responded).



    Then broadly invite others

    Now that your champions have RSVPed to the Event, others will be happy to join too.

    In order to send a heads-up, you can for example:

    • make an announcement in your community, thus notifying all people who follow it (see How To: Make and Manage Announcements)
    • In your Email (or other media) communications, include a pointer to the Event, and request them to RSVP


    Manage Attendance

    • The attendance section of the event summarizes which users are attending the event.
    • You also have visibility into who has explicitly declined, who has tentatively accepted, and who has not yet responded to an invitation to the event.  If a user is able to attend the event being viewed, they will be able to click their attendance status to modify it.
    • Selecting a new attendance status will cause the attendance summary to be updated immediately.  Note that the attendance status summary sections will only show the five most recent people to select a particular response.  If more than five people have selected a response, a See all link will appear, which, when clicked, will display a scrollable lightbox containing all users who have selected that attendance status.


    Export Attendees

    Only accessible to the event's creator is the option to export a list of all event attendees. Additional information about the users is optionally available.

    1. From the Actions menu on the right hand side of the event > select Export attendees
    2. Choose which additional profile information you want included in the export. Name and responses are automatically included.
      export attendees.png

    How to Keep Track of All Your Events

    Within your user profile, you can easily keep track off all of your events.

    1. Click on your user avatar at the top right of the community
    2. In the dropdown menu, select Calendar
    3. Events that you are attending will appear within the calendar. You can click on the individual event to view more information.