Searching Basics on BMC Communities Explained (Beginner Level)

Version 12
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    Here is how you can search to find answers and friends on BMC Communities.

    Browsing answers and finding right information is very easy on BMC Communities. In this document you would be able to learn and understand how to find information & people within BMC Communities.


    Search for content

    Let's say you are interested in finding content related to a BMC event e.g. BMC Engage 2016. Here's how you would find it:



    From the sticky navigation bar, find the search icon (magnifying glass) and click on it.



    Even before you enter your search query, the intuitive search would display suggestions on content, places and people. This is very helpful to find the most relevant content/people you've been interacting with recently.


    Enter your search query

    Enter your search keywords & hit enter to find the most relevant content based on your keywords.

    You would notice two columns appearing: one highlighting content and the other for people & places, customized per your search query. Also, search pop up has infinite scrolling, which means the content refreshes automatically as you scroll down.

    Read here about how to create useful search queries in Building Queries to Optimize Search Results (Advanced Level).


    Search for friends


    In the similar fashion as explained above, you can easily find friends by searching the same way. You would also be able to find content related to them (either authored by them or they have been @mentioned in).