Searching Answers for Specific BMC Products (Intermediate Level)

Version 4
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    Are you looking for a specific answer for your favorite BMC products but unable to find it. Let's dive in and see how you could find answers easily.

    Scenario 1: Finding answers in a specific product community

    Follow these instructions if you are interested in specificProducts and are looking for answers within a specific product community.


    Let's say you are interested in Remedy AR System and are looking for API tutorials. Here's how you would find it:

    • Step 1: Under products in the top navigation bar, find your product community. In this case, Remedy AR System.

    • Step 2: Click on the product community's name.


    • Step 3: Once in the given product community, click on the search pod (magnifying glass icon)

    • Step 4: Put in your search query and select 'only show results for Remedy ITSM'.

    • Step 5: Your product community specific search result would appear


    Scenario 2: Search in the whole of BMC Communities (site-wide)

    From the previous scenario, you can select 'show results for entire community' for a site-wide search results.

    TIP: On BMC Communities, you can click on the search pod to type in your query which would yield BMC Communities wide results.