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    Your Profile represents you, online

    An updated profile on BMC Communities helps your personal brand and authenticity around that.

    • You'll have more people interacting with you to help out (often following you, making you far more influential)
    • Your skills will be visible for the whole community, fostering more business.



    • As Misi Mladoniczky, a famous Community member was sharing recently again, his very transparent engagement on BMC Communities (on many topics, thanks Misi for this!) not only helps others, but also his own knowledge & productivity, and for sure his Business. Here's how a updated user profile pop up looks like (you can see it too as you mouse-over Misi Mladoniczky).


    Key profile attributes & more


    Here are the most important fields you should update in your profile:

    • Job Title: set expectations on your needs
    • Company name: Introduce your employer
    • Country: helps to know your timezone

    Here are some other fields that you should also consider updating:

    • Biography: Free text, many users describe the Products and version they use (tech context). You can also include your Skype details to connect with others F2F (virtually that is )
    • URL: drive traffic to your Linkedin account or your personal Blog or your Google Hangouts URL
    • Twitter ID: Let others find you on Twitter too.


    In the next section you will learn how you can update these fields, add photos and customize your privacy setting.


    Modify your profile now CompleteProfilepng14e02085aa5.png

    You can modify your avatar with one of the new official BMC community avatars, or even better, upload a profile picture of yourself, and add two skills to your profile to earn 200 points and this badge. To complete this resolution, Click 'edit profile'.

    From the top navigation bar, click on the dropdown next to your name and find/click 'edit profile'.


    Step 1: Update Avatar & Photos

    Step zero towards a completing your profile is by updating a profile picture.


    That said, it's even more important for you to have an updated profile avatar. Avatars personalize your activity by showing up in lists, activity streams and comments. An updated avatar on a profile usually let's the wider community trust your profile (a complete profile) and the digital you further. You would find almost all savvy communities user to have a profile avatar.


    To customize an avatar with your picture, here's what you have to do:


    • Scroll down on the same page, and click 'add another avatar'

    • Choose a picture from your computer.

    • Crop Image and click 'finished'


    Step 2: Update Your Profile

    Introduce yourself to other members by updating key fields in your profile. Except for the profile fields discussed earlier, you can also add your expertise. Your profile will appear in search results, so if you have professional specialties or interests that you think are useful for others to know, put that information in expertise.


    You also can review (select yes/no) on whether you would like BMC to reach out to you via. email, in the BMC privacy policy section. More on your privacy in the following section.


    Step 3: Review your privacy setting

    Choose what people can see on you profile by customizing what you would like to share with other users on BMC Communities. You can custom select from the four following privacy options for visibility of specific profile attributes such as email, company, occupation etc. These include:

    1. Everyone - displays the profile attribute to all registered and non-registered users i.e. Everyone on web can see those profile attributes. Use case: your personal email/company email should not be made visible to everyone, you can keep it visible to your close group (followers/connections) or only to yourself.
    2. Registered Users - displays the profile attribute only the users who are registered and logged in to BMC Communities.
    3. Connections - Only the users who follow you and you follow them back would be able to see your profile attributes.
    4. Yourself - No one except you would be able to see the profile attribute.

    Contact Customer Care if you would like any help in updating your profile attributes. For any other questions, comment below.