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    The most important way to learn on BMC Communities is to connect and learn from others. With 50,000+ active users, it's highly likely for you to identify and follow the key people to stay updated about the latest discussions & content they engage on.

    Here's how you can do that...


    Identifying Experts


    Noticing power users, SMEs who engage actively (answering questions, helping others succeed) and following them in your inbox is a good strategy to keep yourself updated with all recent content they've created & topic that they are engaging on, real-time. Simply mouseover the user's name to trigger an automatic pop up (mini profile) displaying their details such as company name, title, country, URL (usually Linkedin or Twitter profiles) etc. It would also display points, user level and some important badges.

    Here are a few identifiers to recognize an expert:

    • Points - Points denotes how active a user is on BMC Communities. Points are usually earned by actions such as replying to discussions, receiving comments on published content, by following other users etc.
    • Level - Just like points, level too helps you in understanding how active a user is. Usually, an expert can range between level 7 to level 12.
    • Badges - Badges are displayed in 'Me in Three' section wherein a user can select upto 3 badges to display in profile pop-up. Badges are awarded to when you attended events or as you level up on BMC Communities. You can mouseover the 'Me in Three' section to see badge name. For example:


    Following Experts

    In order to follow experts and be notified:


    1. Navigate to the profile of the person for which you want to receive updates. Let's say it's Ganesh Gore for Remedy ITSM.

    2. At the right side (under his pictures) of the profile, click the Follow link.

         2.1 The Follow In pop-up box opens. You would notice that 'connections streams' would be automatically      checked.Connection stream allow you to  have a quick refresher of history (of this you follow) on BMC      Communities. You can later find 'connection streams' in news, on the left side.

         2.2 Also, select the Inbox check box to receive updates about the user in your BMC Communities Inbox as well as      on your registered email.

    3. Hit the Done link in the Follow In pop-up box to save the changes.


    As mentioned above, you can also mouseover a user's name to see their profile pop up. Similar to the instructions mentioned above, user the same approach to follow a user in 'connection stream' (default) as well as 'inbox'.



    NOTE: Only follow a select users based on your goals on BMC Communities in your Inbox. Everytime you follow someone in Inbox, you start receiving the updates about their activity on BMC Communities in your Inbox as well as in your email.

    Pro-Tip: If someone starts to follow you, follow them back

    GREAT, you'll now learn from Product Expert.

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