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    Product communities are the repository of all product related content such as guidelines, webinars, upgrade docs, discussions etc. More importantly, they host the answers that you might be looking for. Learn to find & follow correct communities to get answers to your questions.

    Step 1: Finding your specific product community

    Follow these instructions if you are interested in specificProducts and are looking for answers within a specific product community.


    Let's say you are interested in Remedy AR System and are looking for API tutorials. Here's how you would find it:


    • Under products in the top navigation bar, find your product community. In this case, Remedy AR System .

    • Click on the product community's name.



    Step 2: Understanding the product community layout

    Upon completing step 1, you would be automatically directed to the overview page of the product community (Remedy AR System ). Here you would find product related content such as questions, datasheets, developer guidelines, webinars etc. displayed in various sections of the page. The following table helps you to understand different sections within a overview page of a community & the information you would find in it.


    Answered Questions


    Shows questions that have had a reply marked as the Correct Answer.

    Recently published content

    Displays recent discussions, documents, polls, blog posts, and/or bookmarks. Also, it can be filtered by categories such as applications, datasheets, developer guidelines etc.

    You can also filter by tags as well.

    Popular Blogs posts

    Shows the first 200 characters of a specific user's blog posts, based on the popularity of the content.

    Top Remedy Resources

    Key resources to help you get the most out of the product community. Includes webinars, suites, recent upgrade info etc.

    Recent Activity

    Displays a list of the most recent activity to show what people are doing.

    Top featured content

    Shows content that place owners designate to featured


    Step 3: Follow your specific community

    To stay updated with current updates & activity in Remedy AR System, please make sure to follow the community.

    • Find the follow button on the top right
    • The Follow In pop-up box opens. You would notice that 'Connections Stream' would be automatically checked.

          Note: Following product communities in connection stream allows you to stay updated with product announcements and community notifications, right in your Communities Inbox and email.

    • Hit 'Done'.


    Great progress...

    You can nowLearn from product experts within a specific community. The document helps you in easily identifying key experts & shares tricks on how to follow them.

    You also can now start Searching Basics on BMC Communities Explained (Beginner Level) to find relevant content, people & places.