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    5 reasons to be a part of BMC Communities

    1. Get your questions answered from thousands of active users each week
    2. R&D and Product Management monitoring
    3. Benefit from support experts blogs
    4. Sneak Peek on short-term roadmap (betas)
    5. Influence mid-term roadmap (ideas)


    Find friends from around the globe


    Find friends in BMC product & Industry experts from around the globe in one place. Ask them a question, follow them in your BMC Communities Inbox and stay updated with their latest content publications. Here are a few faces of BMC Communities friends, anyone familiar? If so, let us know in the comments section below.



    Be a part of many programs on BMC Communities



    Register now & start engaging


    Take this quick tour of BMC Communities with Samantha Amend, who would get you settled in here:



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    Your journey on BMC Communities may sound like a linear path; in fact it’s circular. In essence, BMC Communities brings people together with the experts they need, the corporate memory they desire and the solutions they already use. Allowing users to connect with colleagues, showcase their contributions, and get the feedback and recognition they deserve is key to engagement – and engagement is key to success.


    And... we are very excited to have you on this journey with us.

    From BMC Communities Family, welcome aboard!