TrueSight Web Services REST API

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    What is REST ?


    REpresentational State Transfer (REST) is an architectural style used for web development. In REST architecture, data and functions are considered resources and are accessed using Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI). Client and Server exchange representation of resources using standard interface and protocol


    Representational state transfer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    What is REST Web Service ?


    Web Services based on REST style architecture are called RESTful Web Services. REST Web Services are becoming one of the most important technologies for web development. As a standard, Enterprise Tools are including REST Web Services to receive and send information from the applications


    Every system uses resources viz., web pages, data & events, business information and relationships etc. REST Web Services provide API so that client can access these resources


    Learn REST: A Tutorial


    TrueSight Web Services & Functions


    TrueSight Presentation Server and TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server include REST APIs that can be used for integration with external applications. TrueSight Web Services are based on REST style architecture and uses HTTP or HTTPS to send requests & JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) standards to receive response


    TrueSight Web Service Functions in TSPS and TSIM are outlined below,


    REST API Integration Use Cases


    REST Web Service APIs are extremely useful and can be used for various integrations. Some examples are,


    • Integrate third-party tools data & events with TrueSight


    • Retrieve data & events from TrueSight to third-party tools or custom portal for reporting


    • Create CIs and Relationships in TrueSight from third-party configuration management tool for enrichment & correlation


    • Integrate third-party ITSM Application with TrueSight for Incident Management, Change Management and other ITSM modules


    • TrueSight Administration viz., Manage Infrastructure Management Polices & Time frames, Manage Service Level Objectives, Manage Integration Services & Cluster etc.


    REST APIs can be customized and extended for integration with any Application that supports REST based web services


    TrueSight Web Services Usage & Testing


    Attached document explains below sections in detail,


    • Introduction to TrueSight Web Services


    • Setting up 'Postman' utility to test REST APIs


    • TrueSight Presentation Server Web Services & Functions


    • TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server Web Services & Functions




    Developing - BMC TrueSight Presentation Server 10.5 - BMC Documentation


    Developing - BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management 10.5 - BMC Documentation


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