CLM Field Integration Kit - Application Centric Cloud (CLM+RPD)

Version 6
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    CLM Field Integration Kit - Application Centric Cloud (CLM+RPD)



    Application Centric Clouds help Developers and Operators (DevOps) by providing a self-service cloud platform that can help speed the delivery of agile applications.


    This field integration kit provides artifacts and a step-by-step guide to integrate BMC’s Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Release Package and Deployment (RPD) to create a powerful DevOps solution or Application Centric Cloud.



    Separately, CLM and RPD are best in class products. CLM provides a cloud management platform that drives digital innovation with agile, full-stack service provisioning across cloud and traditional platforms.  RPD is a comprehensive automation solution for managing deployments and updates of complex business critical applications from Development to Production. 


    Together, CLM and RPD provide Software Engineers a self-service mechanism to provision infrastructure and deploy specific application builds in order to produce applications at a high frequency and with higher quality.  We call these types of cloud environments “Application Centric Clouds”.



    Specific product knowledge is required in order to build the solution:

    • BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM)
    • BMC Release Package and Deployment (RPD)
    • BMC Atrium Orchestrator (BAO)
    • Jenkins