Introducing BMC BladeLogic Threat Director 1.x: Foundations Web-Based Training Course

Version 1

    BladeLogic Threat Director extends the power of BladeLogic Server Automation to provide IT operations and security teams the data they need to prioritize and remediate threats based on potential impact to the business.


    This self-paced, online course introduces students to BladeLogic Threat Director, where students will learn to set up, provide access to, and establish Service Level Agreements for Threat Director. Through interactive tutorials, product demonstrations, and module level quizzes, students will learn to administer, analyze, and operate BladeLogic Threat Director with the ultimate goal of remediating vulnerabilities in their datacenter environment from within the tool, and observing the impact to the organization.         

    Course Objectives

    • Review the capabilities of Threat Director
    • Integrate Threat Director with BMC Atrium Orchestrator
    • Set up security groups providing access to Threat Director
    • Establish Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
    • Import a scan file
    • Map and enroll Assets
    • Map vulnerabilities to remediation content in BMC BladeLogic Server Automation
    • Analyze the Security and Operator Dashboards
    • View vulnerabilities in different stages
    • Remediate vulnerabilities from within Threat Director
    • Create remediation operations
    • View operation results summaries and details


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    Laurie Cremona WagnerElaine MillerDirk BrauneTodd ThielenRayemond Newman

    Wendel BordelonMatthew SalernoMitchell SherfeySean Berry