Formatting Text and Headings from Pasted Documents

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    We've all done it. We've been assigned to write a document or post, and we already have the content in Word. What could be easier than copying and pasting the content into BMC Communities? One problem: pasted content almost always contains the styles of the original document. What's a writer to do?


    There are two solutions: pasting as plain text or using the Remove Formatting icon.


    Paste the content as plain text

    To paste just the content and not the styles, copy the text in the original document, right-click in a BMC Communities document, and choose Paste as plain text (or whatever the option is for your browser).

    The problem with this solution is that none of your formatting will be included: no links, no bullet lists, no headings, and sometimes no line breaks. You must then go back through the text and re-add each of these elements. There must be an easier way, right?


    Remove the formatting with the Remove Formatting icon

    A better solution is to paste as normal and then to remove the formatting with the Jive Remove Formatting icon. Your links, bullet lists, tables, and line breaks are retained, but all the nonstandard styles are removed.


    1. Place your cursor anywhere in the pasted text.
    2. Press Ctrl+A on your keyboard to select all.
    3. Click the Remove Formatting icon.

    Remove Formatting.jpg


    Format the heading text with the Style drop-down menu

    After removing the formatting from everything, go back and style your headings, and you're done. Use your original document as a guide, if needed, so you don't overlook any headings.


    1. Place your cursor anywhere in the first heading to style.
    2. Choose Style > Header 1 to format the text as a heading.
    3. Repeat for the remaining headings, choosing the appropriate header styles.

    Apply Headings.jpg