Introducing the BMC BladeLogic Network Automation 8.6: Foundation Instructor Led Training Course

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    Network automation and management software reduces network outages and downtime by automating configuration, change and compliance processes. Organizations depend on high performance across their network to keep the business running at peak efficiency.


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    The BMC BladeLogic Network Automation 8.6: Foundation course presents information on how to use BladeLogic Network Automation 8.6 to administer networks on a day-to-day basis. This course provides extensive hands-on exercises with the software user interface and covers all major aspects of using the software.

    Students can benefit from the in-depth presentations in the course and the demonstrations given by expert instructors. Hands-on lab exercises in a virtual environment provide the opportunity for practical application of the presented concepts, methods, and procedures.


    Course Objectives

    • Understand how to use BladeLogic Network Automation 8.6
    • Understand all aspects of the device inventory database
    • Demonstrate operational experience using:
      • Configuration management
      • Compliance auditing and enforcement
      • OS release and patch management
      • Change workflows
    • Understand the various reports and distribution capabilities
    • Understand and practice the creation and use of Policies and Templates
    • Understand the concept of Rules and how Rules are used to facilitate actions
    • Install and configure the software for optimal operation
    • Administer the software effectively and efficiently
    • Install and configure integrations with third-party applications
    • Maintain ongoing operation


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