Asset discovery: prerequisites to get remote inventories from network equipment

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    SNMP will be used to scan network equipment by the asset discovery scanners. If you want to get inventories from these devices you will need to:


    1- Set a community for SNMP into your Scan Configuration:

    In the console go to Asset Discovery > Configuration > Scan Configuration > _YOUR_SCAN_CONFIGURATION_ > Active Protocols then select "Network Devices (SNMP)" and click on "Add Credentials":

    - for SNMP v1 or v2: only the fields "Community" and "Confirm Community" should be set

    - for SNMP v3: all fields can be edited



    2- Check that all the OIDs we scan are available:

    If you do not get information from some of your devices although you get it from others, then make sure that all these OIDs are available on the network equipments that the asset discovery scanner will scan:


    .    sysDescr (RFC1213-MIB)

    .    dot1dBasePortIfIndex (BRIDGE-MIB)

    .*    dot1dBasePortIfIndex subtree (BRIDGE-MIB)

    .    dot1dTpFdbAddress (BRIDGE-MIB)

    .*    dot1dTpFdbPort subtree (BRIDGE-MIB)

    .    dot1qTpFdbPort (Q-BRIDGE-MIB)

    .*    dot1qTpFdbStatus subtree (Q-BRIDGE-MIB)

    .    ifIndex (IF-MIB)

    .*    ifDescr subtree (IF-MIB)

    .*    ifType subtree (IF-MIB)

    .*    ifPhysAddress subtree (IF-MIB)

    .*    ifAdminStatus subtree (IF-MIB)

    .*    ifOperStatus subtree (IF-MIB)

    .*    entLogicalDescr subtree (ENTITY-MIB)


    These OIDs must be accessible/enabled on your network equipment else we will not be able to gather some information.


    "*" mean we'll scan the rest of the branch as well.



    Find an accurate list of the OIDs we scan:

    You should find a list of these OIDs when you'll set the community but it's not up to date at the moment (I requested this to be updated):



    If you want the most accurate list of OIDs we scan, simply go to the agent install folder on your scanner then edit the file ..\data\RemoteInventory\chl\ then edit the file snmp_connectivity.chl and search for the keyword "szOid".


    e.g: "szOid = "." + vecConnectivityTmp[j].PortNumber"



    Note: if you are not familiar with MIB you can install e.g. MIB Browser and connect to your network equipment to check if the prerequisites are met.