BladeLogic Portal 2.1 is here!

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    BladeLogic Portal 2.1 is here!


    BMC is proud to announce the release of BladeLogic Portal 2.1.   Our focus on this release was to provide our customers a more streamlined Portal and SecOps experience by extending our capabilities and improving user experience.  Within the BladeLogic Portal, the Operator Initiated Change capabilities have been extended to all operations as well as extending support for Suse and Solaris. Our SecOps capabilities have been extended to include Rapid7 scan data as well as an added command line tool to assist with importing scan files from any of our supported scanning vendors.


    Our BladeLogic Portal 2.1 platform has gone through an extensive review cycle to ensure the highest level of quality for our customers. Some highlights include the following:



    • Operator Initiated Change for all operations
    • Target Select options extended to support multi-select
    • Support for Solaris and Suse
    • Eliminating the delay for by preloading operations



    • Scalability improvement
      • Increase Scan import file size to 1Gb
      • Increase stored records to 25 million
    • Support for Rapid7 scan data
    • Command line tool for importing scan data


    Additional Information:

    • BladeLogic Portal 2.1 is looking for Early Adopters who are interested in deploying BladeLogic Server Automation 8.8 and Portal 2.1 in their production environment. The PM and R&D teams are standing ready to assist in any way we can. Please see if your customers are interested and contact the BSA, Portal and Threat Director Product Management distribution list for any questions.


    For BladeLogic Portal 2.1 software download, please visit the Electronic Product Download (EPD) site and select the appropriate product to download.


    To see the full list of new features in the release, please go to


    Congratulations to all the teams for all your hard work!