BMC Remedyforce Summer 16 Demos

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    These videos help showcase some of the upcoming features for BMC Remedyforce Summer 16. 


    Use CaseSectionTitleLength
    Your environment is always changing.  How do you keep up?  Remedyforce now provides Agentless Discovery right within the base product to help identify and manage your CIs/Assets!Agentless DiscoveryAgentless Discovery and Client Management Overview00:09:07
    Learn more about how Remedyforce Agentless Discovery and Client Management can help you identify and manage your CIs/Asset with this live demonstration.Agentless DiscoveryAgentless Discovery and Client Management Demo00:16:41
    Learn how to setup Agentless Discovery.  This video is geared toward those who will be testing Agentless Discovery in your own Sandbox environment and walks through the steps in a Powerpoint presentation.Agentless Discovery

    Agentless Discovery Sandbox Setup Overview

    Learn how to setup Agentless Discovery.  This supplementary video provides a live demo of the setup of Agentless Discovery.Agentless DiscoveryAgentless Discovery Setup Demonstration00:11:33
    Give both Clients and Staff a way to see which Services are available, which ones are degraded, which ones are disrupted, and which ones are under maintenance.Customer EnhancementService Health00:11:59
    Make Change Schedule easily available via Remedyforce Console as well as on the CMDB.Customer EnhancementChange Schedule Accessibility00:02:39
    Allow select Staff to be able to schedule a Change during a defined Blackout Period.Customer EnhancementSchedule a Change during a Blackout00:05:33
    Allow Filtering to be applied to the Change Schedule.  Now you can view Change Requests based on criteria that you set.Customer EnhancementChange Schedule Filter00:03:29
    If you have custom Change Types, you can now easily assign the color you want to them.  You can also change the colors for the out of the box Change Types as well.Customer EnhancementChange Schedule: Assign Color to Change Types00:02:52
    Self Service Mobile allows your users who are on the go to submit service requests, chat with staff, and do everything they can do from Self Service for the browser!Self Service MobileSelf Service Mobile in Salesforce100:20:13
    Allow staff to automatically search for existing tickets by utilizing Incident Matching within Smart Suggestions.Customer EnhancementIncident Matching for Smart Suggestions00:05:17
    Employees and Clients can now easily find Broadcasts, Self Help Articles, Common Tickets and Service Requests by utilizing a single form and Smart Suggestions for Self Service.Customer EnhancementSmart Suggestions for Self Service00:05:18
    Ability to build out Categories specific to a given module.Customer EnhancementCategories per Module00:07:07
    Automate the way Incidents and Service Requests are assigned to queues and staff without relying on Workflows.Customer EnhancementAssignment Automation00:16:13
    Easily search for Queues via typing or the new enhanced queue lookup.  Additionally have made it easier to assign a record to Queue/Staff from within the Queue lookup.Customer EnhancementUpdates to Queue/Staff Assignment00:03:07