Creating a Custom Stream

Version 8
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    Are you looking for the fastest means to browse content, people, or places where your co-workers or someone with similar interests engage?


    Custom streams can help you in achieving just that. Depending on your role in the organization or how you want to check in on community activity throughout the day, you could create custom content streams filtered by people, places or tags.


    See more for tags streams hereFollowing a Tag.


    Here are a few use cases of how custom streams can be leveraged to boost productivity:


    1. Team and Product Streams

    Add to these streams the people you work with, the content you all are working on, and the places where your team most frequently posts. Or, create just one good Team and Product stream to check throughout the day for updates from your team and the product you're working on.


    2. My Stream

    Create a stream where you follow yourself. This can help you get to your most-used items quickly.


    3. Priority Streams

    You might create streams for Immediate, Soon, and Later. You could check Immediate often, Soon occasionally, and so on. In Immediate, follow your high-priority people, places, and content items. In Soon, follow your less urgent people, places, and content items. This kind of organization can be good if you like to read some things later, but don't want to miss your high-priority things as they are posted.


    How to create custom streams?


    • From the Communities News, click on New Stream in the left sidebar and enter a name for this stream, for example, Water Cooler, My Cool Product, Team Activity, and so on.
    • Drag and drop items from the Suggested People and Places in the right column, add one or more tags you want to follow, or use the Search box to find specific items you want to follow in this stream.


    Note: BMC Communities uses a powerful "genius" feature that analyzes your business relationships, expertise, and areas of interest based on your behavior in the community. It then uses that data to recommend relevant content, people, and places that you have not yet seen in the community. The more you and others interact in the community, the better the recommendations you'll receive.

    • Decide whether you want to receive an email every time there is a new item in this stream (Email update > On or Off).
      We strongly recommend setting email notifications to Off, which is the default.
    • To save this new stream, click Done.