2 reasons to keep and improve your Profile

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    Your account on BMC Communities is your Digital self on the BMC Ecosystem.

    We've always recommended you to keep your existing account (never creating a duplicate one), and personalize it.



    Source: Authentic Personal Branding


    Here are a couple of reasons:


    Why Keeping your profile?

    Your Profile, YOU online

    A strong rationale to keep (and update/improve as needed) your existing account is that you're building your Digital presence on the Market (BMC Ecosystem and more):

    • content you create/engage on
    • followers you get, and people you follow
    • private access to some communities
    • rewards (points, badges)

    So you don't want lose any of this


    If you change job or switch company, if your Email changes (example: company being acquired), if you change last name (example: getting married), just update your existing profile with your new details (like you do on Linkedin or Google). Should you need help, comment here, or contact Customer Care (see details right on team profile)



    Transparency increases trust

    nobody wants to talk to an anonymous avatar, complete your profile!

    The more you share about you on your profile, the more people will connect and interact with you on BMC Communities, and the biggest the successes will be.


    Two stories to illustrate this:

    1. As Misi Mladoniczky, a famous Community member was sharing recently again, his very open engagement here (on many topics, thanks Misi for this!) not only helps others, but also his own knowledge & productivity, and for sure his Business.
    2. BMC Engage (and other events) was a good illustration that a complete profile (including pictures/avatar) is powerful. People could spot each other at the Event (even if they only interacted online in the past months/years). It was very impressive to see individuals giving hugs to people they were only meeting for the first time!


    What does it really mean?

    Throughout your journey with BMC, your career, you can keep and improve your profile.

    There as some tips for profile management (also know as personal Branding), see here from Shadab Ashraf.


    If when authenticating, you do not see your usual profile (with avatar, pictures, followers, your content, your communities, etc.) then there is a problem to fix.

    Time to go to the next section.


    How to make it happen?

    Most updates (pictures, Job Title, Company, etc.) can be done in self-service.


    Some of them (like changing Email, in case you change company) require some work on our side.

    Just contact Customer Care, this team will make it happen for you.