BMC Server Automation Sizing Guide 1.0

Version 3
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    We are proud to announce the sizing guide for Server Automation, based on extensive Performance and Scale research, and includes real-world feedback from field engineers, architects and customers.


    This guide can be used to understand typical Automation workloads, size Server Automation infrastructure based on those workloads, and help customers and operators optimize their platform for either performance (getting it all done quickly) or economy (how should I spread out my workload over time).


    This guide also lays out how customers can evaluate their workloads in terms of infrastructure workload and capacity, from basics to intermediate capacity planning. 


    Open it up, and give us some feedback below!



    Purpose & Audience

    The purpose of this document is to help customers & consultants appropriately size BSA infrastructure to support the required use cases, be performant and stable, at a reasonable cost. 

    The audiences for this document include new and existing customers, and BMC and Partner consultants engaged in sizing exercises or evaluating existing customer infrastructure.

    We make the assumption that readers of this material have basic familiarity with BSA and common data center automation (DCA) topics.


    This document evaluates typical single-use case scenarios for small, medium, and large environments, with the additional consideration of geographically-distributed environments, and some common Managed Services or Large Enterprise use cases.  It does not consider sizing for very large environments, or those with special use cases.

    If you have these requirements (geographically distributed, managed services, very large enterprise), please don’t hesitate to contact BMC Customer Support, who will put you in touch with someone who can review your needs, and provide feedback.



    Thanks to everyone for your review, comments, and of course the research that made all of this possible!

    Nitin Maini, Amit Rathi Dhiren Pardhanani Bill Robinson Brian Downey Mitchell Sherfey Akbar Aziz Daniel Tharby and Lakshmana Nandigama!

    Dee Dee Rothery  Matt Laurenceau