Rollout Fails (File Copy Error)

Version 2

    If you are attempting to rollout agents and you receive a File copy error use these steps to see if it is due to enhanced security settings.


    • Target a device to "Push" the agent
    • Verify to ensure permissions are correct
    • RDP to the target or select your device so you can "Monitor" the root of the C drive. This is the default location where the agent is copied.
    • If the agent is not copied to this location and the console shows that it is Copying and then errors out try the following.
    • On the device you are using to rollout agents (Typically the Master on new installations) navigate to the config folder
    • Edit the Rollout.ini file
    • Make the ADMIN share the first option so the selection should look like this:
      • AdminShares=ADMIN,C-L
    • This will try the C:\Windows directory to do the installation.
    • Restart the Service on the Rollout Server you modified.
    • Try to deploy the agent again to the same device and monitory the c:\Windows Directory.


    There is a growing number of customers using more security measures to ensure against viruses and exploits. Some customers do not allow any files to be stored on the root of C:\ or execute an installer from the root of C:\. By changing to the ADMIN$ (C:\Windows) I have successfully "pushed" out agents without having to modify any security rules or create exceptions.


    This is what the Rollout.ini file looks like by default:


    I hope this helps if you are trying to overcome this obstacle!


    Steve G.