BRPM 4.8 Shell Automation Basics - I

Version 2

    Learn a bit about using shell automation with BRPM.  In this video we setup BRPM to run shell automation and explore how the engine works (password is bmc).



    Synopsis: Shell automation runs in a dispatch wrapper (familiar if you have used BRPD).  The dispatcher provides abstraction from the underlying methods for communicating between servers so you can write automation based on what will run on the target independent of how you get there.  Currently with version 4.8, we support ssh and nsh (Blade agent) protocols.

    Changes to be Aware of: The attributes on both servers and automation have changed.

      Servers: There is now a dropdown list for OS Platform (Linux/Windows) and a list for Agent Type (SSH/NSH) the dispatcher needs this to build the wrappers for execution.

      Automation: There are new options for Automation Type:

    Local Ruby: All your current automations are this

    Data Retriever: This is the new name for resource automation

    Local Shell: New - runs a shell automation on the BRPM server

    Remote Dispatcher: New - these are prebuilt and available by importing scripts from the library (but you can tweak them!)

    Remote Shell: New - this is where the action is - runs the body of the automation on all servers assigned to the step

        In addition, there is now an attribute for target platform linux/windows.  This really only has meaning for the dispatcher now (no UI).