How To: Master Guide on Searching on BMC Communities

Version 7
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    Search on BMC Communities by design is intuitive and proposes suggestions based on your browsing history on BMC Communities. This makes 80% of your searches far quicker. Also, embedded in the new search capability, you would find history & bookmarks.

    Following documents would help you in making the most out of searching on BMC Communities:


    User LevelTitleDescription
    BeginnerSearching Basics on BMC Communities Explained (Beginner Level)Browsing answers and finding right information is very easy on BMC Communities. In this document you would be able to learn and understand how to find information & people within BMC Communities.
    Semi-ProSearching Answers for Specific BMC Products (Intermediate Level)Learn to get search results only from a specific community or search BMC Communities wide.
    ProBuilding Queries to Optimize Search Results (Advanced Level)Learn the tricks of getting the most optimized search results by making advanced search queries.


    Here is how your search box should appear...


    (suggesting content, people and places - based on your recent activities)


    Instead of...





    Incase the search box appears as above, the following steps need to be taken:


    • Click on your Avatar or Name (top left side on the navigation bar)
    • Under personal, click on preferences
    • Uncheck the box that says:


    • Hit Save

    If you have any search related question, please flag it to me under the comments section

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