BMC CLM ITSM Brownfield Utility for BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.6

Version 4
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    With the BMC CLM ITSM Brownfield utility, you can synchronize ITSM Foundation data  from the BMC Remedy ITSM server (also called Corporate ITSM AR server) to the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management server (CLM AR server). The utility reads the objects related to ITSM Foundation data on the Corporate ITSM AR server. If the objects are already present, the data is merged (for extra fields) and overwritten (for fields already completed and read from ITSM server) or creates a new object. The utility creates a new object on the CLM AR server as if it is creating a new object in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management server from the Tenant Management Console.


    To access the CLM ITSM Brownfield Utility installer, download the following attachments on this page:




    Note: is available on this page, but the 4.6.04 zip files are the latest versions.


    When you are ready to extract the two files on the server from where you want to execute the utility, copy the ms-sync folder from the unzipped CLM_ITSMFoundationSyncUtility_4.6.04_Part2 folder to the CLM_ITSMFoundationSyncUtility_4.6.04 parent folder.


    For details about how to use the utility, see