Cleaning up temporary files from NSH proxy sessions

Version 3
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    The use of sessions and session timeouts for the communication between clients and NSH proxy servers, introduced in BMC Server Automation 8.7.00, reduces the number of handshakes that take place during such connections and enhances the performance of these connections. For more information about this mechanism, see its description in the BSA online documentation.

    This mechanism generates temporary files that contain encrypted session information. These temporary files accumulate in the RSCD/sessions folder on the agent. Cleanup of these temporary files depends on your version of BSA:

    • Version (Patch 1 for 8.7.00) or later:
      The temporary files from NSH proxy sessions are automatically deleted when the NSH session times out or is closed and a new session is activated.
    • Version 8.7.00:
      You can use the attached script,, to delete these temporary files. Download and execute this script periodically on your agent.