How to change the hardware inventory built-in filter and include more information from client devices

Version 4
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    The hardware inventory is based on WMI commands, so anything that can be probed with WMIC is potentially manageable through our software.

    Based on this here is a method to integrate the following command lines in our hardwareinventory.xml file:


    wmic MEMPHYSICAL get MemoryDevices


    wmic MEMORYCHIP get banklabel,devicelocator,caption,capacity



    1st line tell the total number of memory arrays present on the mother board

    2nd line tell which banks are populated along with capacity, label, which bank is polutated.

    The output of this looks like that on a 4banks capable device populated with 2 memory chips in MSDOS command line:


    $ wmic MEMPHYSICAL get MemoryDevices




    $ wmic MEMORYCHIP get banklabel,devicelocator,caption,capacity

    BankLabel Capacity Caption          DeviceLocator

    BANK 0     4294967296  Physical Memory  ChannelA-DIMM0

    BANK 2     4294967296  Physical Memory  ChannelB-DIMM0


    Once integrated into the attached hardware inventory xml file, and used on a target device, you get this type of output in the console under hardware inventory summary of a client device:


    Physical Memory Array - After.jpg


    Physical Memory - After.jpg


    To use this xml file, all you need to do is replace the original ../client/data/hardwareinventory/hwinvcfg.xml with the attached one, and then restart the agent service on the target device.

    After a few moments you'll see the hardware inventory changed with the expected data.


    You have 2 methods available to integrate this hardwareinventory.xml file :

    1 - For new client devices without agent already deployed,put it into a rollout configuration as post install file :


    rollout and postinstall file.jpg


    2 - For client devices with agent already deployed :

    Put the file as a Custom package and distribute it through an OPRule, here is an example:

    - Custom package:


    Custom package.jpg

    OPrule :


    HW XML OPRule.jpg


    Assign this rule to a device group and wait for the end of the execution to have the hardware inventory updated.


    An idea exists to have this included as a built-in element in a future release :

    Include more details about available Memory Arrays and Populated Banks in the Hardware Inventory