TrueSight Capacity Optimization Orientation Checklist

Version 30
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    Welcome to the customer orientation checklist for TrueSight Capacity Optimization.

    If you are a new BMC customer please ensure that you have followed the steps described on the BMC online orientation web page and then come back to this page to complete your orientation.

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    Use CaseKey CapabilitiesBenefits
    Enterprise Capacity Management
    • Automation of data collection, analytics and reporting
    • Ability to peform infrastructure analysis across the enterprise
    • Deliver a single pane of glass by tiers (LOB, datacenter,technology)
    • Reduce cost of capacity data collection
    • Reduce cost of capacity analysis & reporting
    • Reduce cost of capacity management tools
    Hybrid Infrastructure Optimization
    • Server resource optimization
    • Storage resource optimization
    • Cloud resoure optimization
    • Reduce compute costs
    • Reduce storage costs
    • Reduce cloud instance costs
    • Reduce AWS reserved instance costs
    • Reduce support FTE costs
    • Reduce power consumption
    Improve Service Availability
    • Saturation prediction (infrastructure)
    • Saturation prediction (service)
    • Correlation of performance & business data
    • Reservation-aware planning
    • Workload modeling
    • Storage oversubscription
    • Improve service availability
    • Reduce service outage costs
    Cost Transparency & Demand Management
    • Service-centric capacity management
    • Cost forecasting
    • Modeling changes to service demand
    • Automation of cloud management
    • Reduce business risk
    • Normalize IT spend
    Cloud Migration
    • Cost assessment between on-prem and cloud
    • Plan cloud migrations
    • Reduce risk of failed migrations
    • Reduce cost of migration planning
    • Scale servicess without additional FTEs
    Budget Management
    • Showback/chargeback
    • Cost assessment across cloud providers
    • Visibility to current & forecasted cost
    • Automated consolidation of billing data
    • Reduce cost of managing hybrid cloud environments


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