AWS CloudFormation Template support in CLM 4.6.01

Version 7
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    AWS CloudFormation templates

    AWS CloudFormation gives developers and systems administrators an easy way to create and manage a collection of related AWS resources, provisioning, and updating them in an orderly and predictable fashion.


    For more information see: AWS CloudFormation Templates


    BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management support


    BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.6.01 allows you to optionally install and register a provider for AWS CloudFormation templates and supports provisioning and management of AWS Services using the templates.

    BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management service blueprints allow specification of one or more external templates that are sequenced among other template constructs (servers, other PaaS elements, and so on). You can use AWS CloudFormation’s sample templates or create your own templates to describe the AWS resources, and any associated dependencies or run-time parameters, required to run your application.


    You can create templates for the service or application architectures you want and have AWS CloudFormation use those templates for quick and reliable provisioning of the services or applications (called “stacks”). The End User Portal or My Cloud Service console shows end users information returned by the template invocation service about the provisioned artifacts, such as names, identifiers and connection details (all grouped under a name and/or identifier for the "stack").


    After the AWS resources are deployed, you can also easily update the stack to conform to a newly submitted template (which might effectively roll back any changes in the artifacts, or drive a change into the resultant stack compared to its original state) or replicate the stack as needed.


    Such services provisioned using CloudFormation templates can also be decommissioned via CLM, which would result in the "stack" being deleted from AWS.

    AWS CloudFormation provider package

    AWS CloudFormation provider package for BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.6.01 can be downloaded from this page.


    The attached file is applicable for both Windows and Linux operating systems.


    Note: CLM 4.6.01 is the current supported version for CloudFormation and legacy versions might not work


    To know more about installation, registration and usage of the provider, please refer to

    Provisioning for AWS CloudFormation - BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management Documentation - BMC Documentation


    If you have any questions on the provider and its usage, please write to


    If you have not already started using 4.6.01 or the AWS CloudFormation feature, we recommend that you useBMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.6.03, which includes the AWS CFN enhancement.