How to obtain your Track-It! license & software

Version 11

    If you are a current customer & renewed support or purchased more licenses:

    Note: If you do not download and update your license file after renewing support, your license will still show as expired in Track-It!


    If you just purchased Track-It!, you can either:


    Activate an installed Trial version




    Perform a new installation

        • Download the current Track-It! installation and license Creating a Track-It! Support profile and downloading licenses/software
        • During installation, you may be prompted to enter your Serial Number and Activation Key from your order confirmation email. This will automatically download your license into the installation. If the automatic download does not work or you downloaded your Track-It! license in the step above, you can select to specify the location of your license file on your system and point to the trackit.lic license file you already downloaded in the first step above.


    Note: If you have any problems, you may request help in the Track-It! Community or by submitting a request for support via a Support eSubmission in the support site.