Cygwin "rebase" Utility for BSA

Version 2

    BSA's NSH implementation on Windows relies on Cygwin.  Sometimes you may encounter an error like the below while running NSH jobs from a Windows application server:


    0 [main] nsh 7868 child_info_fork::abort: <C:\Program Files\BMC Software\BladeLogic\NSH\bin\cygblcrypto-0.9.8.dll>: Loaded to different address: parent(0x590000) != child(0x700000)

    nsh: fork failed: resource temporarily unavailable


    This is an error from the underlying Cygwin layer.  To correct this you can use the 'rebase' utility from cygwin.  Attached is a version of the rebase executable compiled with the 1.7.33 version of cygwin1.dll.


    To use it do the following:

    • Copy the attached to the NSH\bin directory on your application server(s)
    • Stop the Application Server process and ensure there are no running NSH processes or commands.
    • Open a cmd prompt and cd to the NSH\bin directory
    • run: rebase.exe -b 0x70000000 bl*.dll cygblcrypto*.dll cyggcc*.dll  cygblssl*.dll
    • The output will look like:

    bladmin.dll: skipped because wrong machine type.

    blclientjni.dll: skipped because not rebaseable

    blclientjni64.dll: skipped because wrong machine type.

    blclijni.dll: skipped because not rebaseable

    blinexclude.dll: skipped because wrong machine type.

    bllibeay64.dll: skipped because not rebaseable

    blsrp.dll: skipped because not rebaseable

    blssleay32.dll: skipped because not rebaseable

    blssleay64.dll: skipped because wrong machine type.