How to Video: Single Service Offering Configurations for Hybrid Cloud Scenarios

Version 1

    Usage Scenarios:


    This videos demonstrates the implementations and end to end configurations of a common Requestable Offering using a Single Service Offering and Single Service Blueprint to support the Hybrid Cloud Scenarios while optimizing the resources and services.


    Plan - To enable Cloud Admins to:


    • Explain the capabilities and value proposition of BMC CLM for provisioning in Hybrid Cloud
    • Configure Option Choices for Hybrid Cloud offering
    • Service Governor and Tags configuration for placement


    Exit Profile – Be able to:


    • Provision a stack or a VM in Public or in Private Cloud using a Common Requestable Offering
    • Use the configuration as a base to build the complex offering
    • Manage the underlying resource easily



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    Products and Versions


    This video was made with the following products and versions but the configuration is not limited to this specific version:


         BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.5