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    CyberSponse, inc

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    The CyberSponse Incident Response Platform (IRP) and Cyber Awareness & Protection Platform (CAPP) is a robust stand-alone scalable incident response collaboration, education and risk awareness system that bridges the gap between detection of cyber attacks and link businesses directly to tools sets to include; monitoring systems, educational tools, best practices and professional service companies. We provide an enterprise-grade, fully scalable and cost effective platform using innovative technology to increase response efficiency, cyber threat education and best practices to cyber-attacks, all housed within a secure environment. CyberSponse can guide single individuals to dedicated incident response teams towards effective and efficient remediation, prevention and education of cyber threats & incidents. We accomplish this by incorporating incident response plans, policies, alerts and cyber awareness into actionable tasks, preventative efforts and defense actions that can connect all stakeholders of the organization. Our easy to use dashboard allows easy task management, education tools and monitoring progress of defenses, enforcement and critical incident response efforts online or on the go, anytime.



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